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The Longstanton & District Heritage Society (LDHS) was launched at an Inaugural Meeting held at Longstanton Village Institute on 11th May, 2007. LDHS was established with the aim of recording our history and making it available for public education and enjoyment. Faced with the imminent disappearance of our rural villages due to the development of the new town of Northstowe, local residents have taken it upon themselves to create a record of what went before. LDHS is actively seeking a heritage facility to be included in the Northstowe development plans – preferably in the former Officer’s Mess building located in Longstanton.

LDHS cannot carry out the work its doing without the support of its members. Our membership is local; national and international, and we are all united by a shared interest in the history and futures of our villages; RAF Oakington; Oakington Barracks and Northstowe.

Please join LDHS today!

And finally to all prospective members……

Our today is the history of tomorrow. Your support helps us to create an archival record of our past, and the changes that we face, so we may pass this information on to future generations. Thank you.

How to join LDHS

If you live in the UK

Please click the link to access our Membership Form .  Once complete please send it by post to the address on the form or scan it and then email the scan back to email .  Alternatively you can pay using Paypal as detailed below.

Membership Form GDPR Compliant


If you live outside the UK

You can join the LDHS using Paypal as detailed below or you can use

Alternatively, if you live in Canada you may arrange to pay for membership via Canadian Postal Money Order. Please make it payable to LDHS. Currency GBP only. The money order must then be posted to our UK address along with a completed membership form.

Payment using Paypal

If you have a Paypal account you can use this to pay for your membership.

Please log on to your Paypal account, click on the ‘Send Money’ and enter as the email address.  Please also complete the membership form and send it to LDHS so we can add your information to our records.

If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the methods of payment please message us via our Facebook page and we will provide you with an alternative email address.

Please note our Data Protection & Policy is as follows:

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Version 2018

By contacting LDHS you will inevitably be giving us access to your email address and perhaps other contact information. LDHS will not pass any of this information on to third parties, unless you have given us express permission to do so. Under current GDPR legislation we need to have your permission to contact you – if you email, message or telephone LDHS you will be, by that action, providing us with the necessary permissions to reply using the contact details you have supplied.

Use of Personal Data and Archival Information

Information of archival interest and associated emails, papers, digital media and memorabilia and will be kept within the LDHS Archives and will be used to Protect and Promote the Rural, Social and Military histories of Longstanton, Oakington, Westwick and Northstowe in accordance with our Constitution. By providing us with archive information you agree that it may be used in the manner described above. Please make sure you have discussed your intentions with friends and family members if this is needed prior to making donations of memorabilia or archival information to the society.


LDHS will limit the data that it  holds on an individual to just that which is necessary for communicating with members, unless information is supplied for archival purposes. The following information will be kept securely: Title, Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address and location/ interest of the member. No sensitive financial data will be kept. Standing Order forms will be sent to the bank with no copies made. Membership records will be kept for a maximum of 3 years.

You will see that the membership form contains tick-boxes which must be completed to indicate which methods of communication you wish us to use. If you do not tick these boxes we will be unable to communicate with you by email or post even though you have joined the society.

Our Commitment to You

  • Personal Data will be processed fairly and transparently by LDHS.
  • Personal Data will be held securely and access to that data will be restricted to authorised persons only.
  • The Use of Data will be specific to the needs of the society and used only so it can fulfil its Constitutional obligations and provide members with the benefits outlined on our Membership Form.
  • Personal Data will be kept up to date as far as is reasonably possible and obsolete data will be deleted on a regular basis or on request.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Know how the data you provide will be used.
  • Advice on what data we hold on you and how it is processed.
  • Rectification (correction) if data is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Erasure (the right to be forgotten) by requesting that personal details be deleted.
  • Restrict the processing or use of data.
  • Data Portability – ie the you have a right to ask for copies of your data.

Please note that in addition to normal contact information personal data also includes photographs. Some photos contain images of unnamed persons so deleting photographs that may have a historic interest may not always be in the interests of archiving our local history.  We are happy to discuss individual requirements and restrict the use of sensitive material should this be necessary. Placing date restrictions on the use of photographs is also an option. If an agreement cannot be reached the deletion of individuals photographs may be considered as a last resort.