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Copyright and Website Policy

Version Date:  12 March, 2018

  • LDHS wishes to ensure that no copyright ownership is breached by the work we do. Please see our declaration at the foot of the Home Page. If you are sending us photographs please ensure that they have been taken by yourself, or a member of your family, and that you have the legal right to copy and send them to us. If you send us a photograph but are unsure of copyright please make this clear.  Please do not send us photographs where you know the copyright is not yours.
  • Likewise we are grateful for stories and information but are unable to take responsibility for the information that is sent to us. We under-take to take care with the information or photographs we publish in any format. See details below. If you do send us photographs please supply as much information as you can. eg: date; place; names etc.
  • LDHS undertakes that no photographs containing children will be loaded onto the website until the photographs are at least 10 years old. The only exception will be where an express and written request has been received from a parent for inclusion of an individual photograph.
  • LDHS undertakes not to publish any image that may cause upset; distress or embarrassment to any individual or organisation. If we publish any item that causes concern please contact us immediately and we will try and rectify the matter or remove the item.
  • LDHS assumes that once it has been sent stories / photographs for its archives that this implies permission to use the stories and photographs for the furtherance of the society’s Objects. (If you would like a copy of the Objects of the society please let us know and this can be arranged.) This may include publication in paper form or on the website. Please do not send us stories or images if you do not wish LDHS to be given this right.
  • We will constantly review this Copyright and Website Policy. If there are any errors or omissions or cause for concern please
    contact us immediately.


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