Northstowe Planning Application Documentation – March 2011

21 December 2016

Back in 2011 the heritage society was provided with links so that the original planning documents for the Northstowe development could be accessed by the general public. Following on from our investigations into the latest threat to Longstanton’s conservation area (see earlier post) it is clear that the links below are no longer accessible to the general public. It is unclear why this should be the case unless SCDC have implemented a new system of accessing planning files. Until the reasoning is made clear the links below will remain as a reminder that in the past SCDC did not control access to these important public documents and decisions.

The link below gives access directly to SCDC’s planning documents. Whether this provides access to the original planning documentation for Northstowe is not yet known. Please do let us know if this is indeed the case.


10 March 2011

Details of the archaeology of the Northstowe AAP site was provided in Document 27 of the 2007 Northstowe Planning application. Yesterday the developers and SCDC provided LDHS with the following information and link to the SCDC Northstowe information. Document 27 provides information on the archaeology of the site and how it will be excavated. LDHS is concerned that only a small fraction of the archaeology may be excavated, and hopes that the developers/ planners will ensure that additional excavations will be carried out if significant archaeology is found after the initial 10% is excavated. 10% excavations means that significant archaeological losses could occur unless safeguards are put in place prior to the planning permission being granted. In return, the developers and Northstowe will benefit from the publicity that will be generated should a significant find be made.

The information we received is as follows:

I would suggest this is the starting point for understanding the nature of the investigations, discussions, safeguards and proposals in relation to the archaeology and historic resource at Northstowe. More specifically Chapter 9 and Appendix 9 of the Environmental Statement (Documents 6 and 7) and the ‘Archaeology and Built Heritage Strategy’ (Document 27) should be of particular interest. The documents are all available on South Cambridgeshire District Council’s website and more than likely there are still copies with the Parish Councils. The SCDC website link to the Northstowe page is:

Below are some more links documents relating to the Northstowe planning application.

 Northstowe Area Action Plan.

Under this heading can be found amongst other things:

(3) Northstowe Planning Application 2007 documents.

  • Document 27 – Archaeology & Built Heritage Strategy

S–2007-X-ADDINFO25 DOC 27

S–2007-X-ADDINFO26DOC 27