SCDC Northstowe Planning & Conservation Information

21 December 2016

Back in 2011 the heritage society was provided with links so that the original planning documents for the Northstowe development could be accessed by the general public. Following on from our investigations into the latest threat to Longstanton’s conservation area (see earlier post) it is clear that the links below are no longer accessible to the general public. It is unclear why this should be the case unless SCDC have implemented a new system of accessing planning files. Until the reasoning is made clear the links below will remain as a reminder that in the past SCDC did not control access to these important public documents and decisions.

SCDC Northstowe Planning & Conservation Information

To help members access the important Northstowe planning documents for themselves guidance on how to find the most important documents and decisions on the SCDC website, are given below. Also included is the information on how to locate the SCDC Conservation Area decisions. Of course there may be other important documentation or information that is not included here. If there is any problems locating any of this information using these instructions please do let us know. Errors and omission may occur so please advise if you feel information on any other policies or decisions should be added.

Link to the Local Development Framework (LDF)

When on the Local Development Framework page there is a list on the left hand side. There are 3 main sections to look at:

(1) Adopted Proposals Map.

Under this heading can be found:

Site Specific Policies Development Plan Doc (DPD). This contains:

(2) Northstowe Area Action Plan.

Under this heading can be found amongst other things:

(3) Northstowe Planning Application 2007 documents.

  • Document 27 – Archaeology & Built Heritage Strategy

S–2007-X-ADDINFO25 DOC 27

S–2007-X-ADDINFO26DOC 27


(4) Supplementary Planning Documents.

Under this heading you will find: