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We welcome contributions from our members, whether they be requests for help or information about articles or books.  Please contact us via our Facebook page:

Ben van Drogenbroek

Ben is one of our members from Holland, and he has written a fascinating piece for us about the escape from Stalag Luft 3

Ben has also written a book “The Camera Became My Passport Home” which details part of the history of “Oakington” airbase which we must never forget.

Details of the book and how it can be purchased can be found here.

Requests for help:

Do you have a Longstanton query that one of our members might be able to help with?

Can you answer a query from one of our members? If so please contact us


Lillian Clark Goodchild Painting – Can you identify the scene?

During the war the Vicar and Rector of Longstanton was called Rev John Goodchild. His wife Lillian Clark Goodchild came from a family of renowned artists; her father and her brother both being members of the Royal Academy. Lillian was an amateur artist who painted a number of scenes from the village. Although we have digital copies of her work the location of her original paintings of the village are not known. Now we have received a request from a member of the public regarding one of her pictures. Her request is as follows:

“the owner of this much loved watercolour by Lilian Clark Goodchild is keen to find out more about it and the artist including where the scene was painted. There are no details on the back. All I have is the date and signature and a bit about her through the longstanton society so any information is welcome”.

My thoughts on this are that the family lived in a village near Huntingdon before coming to Longstanton in the 1930’s so this painting pre-dates them moving here. It is therefore possible that inspiration for the picture could be the coast in Suffolk as the Clark family home was near Ipswich.

If anyone can help provide more information on this picture or the missing Longstanton paintings we would be most grateful. Please message me via our Facebook page or via email if you can be of assistance.

Thank you.

Note: I have just noticed that the signature on this painting has Lillian spelt with one L. I will leave my spelling as it is for now but it may be possible that we have recorded the spelling of her name incorrectly.

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1960 Wings Presentation

We have had the following question. Can you help?

In the Spring of 1960 I was one of several RAF pilots who were presented with their “wings” at a parade at the flying school at RAF Oakington, near Cambridge. The Mayor of Cambridge, Wallace Cole, at the time, was the man who officiated. Some weeks later, a group of us were invited to the Mayor’s Parlour to view some film which he had of the event. Neither Cambridge City Council nor East Anglian Film Archive have any record of this film but suggest I contact you to enquire if you have any knowledge of it. I wonder if, by any chance, this film survives. If so, would it be possible to view, copy, borrow, or otherwise have access to it?