Community Archaeology Weekends


Saturday October 10th saw the start of a Longstanton community archaeology project organised as part of Northstowe outreach work by Access Cambridge Archaeology, Cambridge Archaeology Unit and the Longstanton & District Heritage Society.  A number of excellent sites have been selected across the village including one in the paddock at The Manor.

Volunteers dug test pits today and the finds were displayed at The Manor.

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Equipment laid out for the volunteer diggers

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9am briefing session for the garden owners and volunteer diggers

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Volunteer diggers plot the location of the test pit being dug at The Manor

The weather was perfect and the event saw 5 tests pits dug over the entire length of the village with interesting results. Those of us who took part, whether as garden owners or volunteer diggers, had a fantastic time and have made new friends into the bargain.

The link below provides access to a summary of the weekend produced by Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA). It is hoped that this weekend marks the first community archaeology project within the village.


Another community test-pitting weekend took place across Longstanton and once again The Manor provided the base for the weekend. On the Sunday Alison Dickens of CAU presented the findings to the village.

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