Oakington Pillboxes

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It is now a number of years since LDHS Secured Listed Status for 9 out of 10 of the rare ‘Oakington’ Pillboxes

As plans for Northstowe phase 2 progress it is hoped that one of these pillboxes will be made accessible on a limited basis to the public with LDHS acting a key holder. The Airfield Research Council and others interested in these airfield defences will hopefully help the society by providing information and ‘expert’ volunteers.

Image of one of the Oakington Pillboxes (H Stroude 2005)

There is currently a Management Strategy being put together for the Oakington pillboxes on phase 2. It is anticipated that once a plan has been agreed it will then be used for the remaining Oakington pillboxes once work starts out on phase 3. Do watch this space as we will post more information as it comes available.

If you would like more information on the Airfield Research Group or would like to join their Forum please use the link below. https://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/forum/search…

More information in regards to the Oakington pill boxes.