As members of the general public you may be totally unaware of the dangerous affect that a lost tennis ball may have on cows grazing in the few paddocks left in Longstanton.

The message below refers to the Brookfield Farm Longhorn cattle that graze the Manor Farm paddocks opposite All Saints’ church. Reported by the owner –para phrased: “One more dead cow found, on 21 September, only 6 years old with all its working life in front of it, has left a young calf born only this summer (This particular problem has resulted in 4 dead cows and 1 being saved, in 5 years).”

All due to tennis balls being lost by dog walkers and others, being consumed by the cows leading to bowel blockage and a slow and painful death. This recent case was spotted by Mike Cartwright, who first reported it: “It was very disturbing to see such a large animal staggering around fighting for its breath. The feeling of helplessness (other than for alerting the owner) will remain with me for the rest of my life.”

Tennis balls may be a fun way to exercise your dog but please DO NOT use them on land where animals graze. If you wish to see animals grazing the paddocks in our community then they MUST be protected.

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