Goodbye Rural Longstanton And Our Water Too?

Work started out on phase 1 of Northstowe in 2015, with the first new residents moving into the new homes in May 2017. Now many house builders are out on site and already c 60 homes are occupied. Wonder why LDHS exists? For the simple reason that someone needed to record the social, rural and military history of Longstanton, Oakington and the airfield site before it disappeared forever.

Ok this may seem like a silly question but why does the phase 1 attentuation pond have so much water in it when the Longstanton gravels and the kingfisher pond don’t and there is probably less than a mile between them. Note the large pond at the start of the film which was taken in December and compare this with the photograph of the kingfisher pond taken on 26 December 2017 (see previous posts).

The developers say that the kingfisher pond has no water because of lack of rain – sorry but that attenuation pond has been filled with water from somewhere and the only answer can be from the groundwater that feeds the gravel aquifer

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