Airfield Research Council Supports LDHS Heritage Plans For RAF Oakington

It was a pleasure to meet Jeff Hawley of the Airfield Research Group at the Conservation Officers Forum on Thursday 1 February. Not only did he and a colleague give an excellent talk but they were clearly interested and very supportive of the work LDHS is doing to protect and promote the heritage of RAF Oakington. In addition to kindly donating one of their publications (Airfield Defences) to the society archives they have offered to help us as we move towards some form of heritage facility out on site. If that was not enough Jeff feels that there will be members of ARG and other military history organisations who will be happy to assist LDHS by providing us with a source of volunteers. If plans to open one of the Oakington Pillboxes to the public goes ahead LDHS will be grateful for the support from people and organisations who have expert knowledge on them.

Adrian Dagonet (a student on Home Farm) takes a close look at one of the Oakington Pillboxes (2005)

The Conservation Officers Forum was an excellent opportunity for the heritage society to help others who wish to replicate our work in other parts of the region. Apparently the LDHS approach of placing heritage protection at the centre of development planning from the outset, appears to be obtaining mainstream support. If Northstowe and LDHS are being held as an example of best practise and Localism in Action – we really have come a long way since those early days.

If you would like more information on the Airfield Research Group or would like to join their Forum please use the link below.…

More information in regards to the Oakington pill boxes. You may have to log-in with ARC to access this information.…/182-fc…



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