BBC Look East reports on Northstowe Phase 2 Archaeology

BBC Look East has recently reported on the archaeological work being carried out on the Northstowe phase 2 site.

LDHS has spent the last decade lobbying local government and the developers so that the important heritage of this site would be properly excavated and preserved. We have made great progress and the heritage is now getting the full attention it deserves.

However, there is still no binding committment to providing a professional and properly funded museum out on site so the finds from Longstanton/Northstowe can be exhibited locally. This community facility must be provided – the heritage of Northstowe (aka Longstanton) is simply too important and undoubtedly is of national, if not international, interest.

LDHS is part of a newly formed Heritage Core Group which is looking into a number of heritage related issues and we are confident that one day Northstowe will have a museum of its own. Please help us obtain one by joining the society and/or following our work via this website or Facebook.

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