An Historic But Poignant Moment

The heritage society is sad to report that one of our earliest supporters and contributors has died.

Norman Collinge was a good friend of the heritage society and one of the earliest contributors to the LDHS archives. A frequent visitor to The Manor he will be missed but never forgotten. Sadly Norman and many of the other RAF Oakington veterans (some of our original members) did not live to hear the news that the LDHS archives will be provided with display and storage facilities out on the RAF Oakington site as part of the Northstowe phase 2 development. We have received confirmation within the last week that this facility will be provided as part of the Phase 2 Section 106 agreement – which makes it legally binding.

Norman and others gave material to LDHS confident in the belief that the society would secure a heritage facility so that the histories of our villages and RAF Oakington would not be forgotten. We have carried the hopes and dreams of Norman and others on this journey and we have more to do to ensure that we do not let them down.

The photo below shows Norman out on the airfield in 2005 within months of the Longstanton Archive being created by Hilary Stroude.

Norman Collinge made a massive contribution to Longstanton Archive, the fore-runner of LDHS. Working as Ground Crew for 7 Squadron, RAF Oakington during WW2, Norman, a carpenter by trade repaired the bombers that returned damaged from a sortie. There is an interview with Norman Collinge in the LDHS collection.

Norman died c March/ early April 2017

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